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Harris Middle School

Joel C. Harris Academy, School of Scientific Inquiry, “Passion For Excellence”

Welcome to Harris Academy, an internal charter school of the San Antonio Independent School District, that specializes in providing students with unique opportunities to learn, use, and expand their scientific inquiry skills.  At Harris we incorporate intense science and technology methodology fused with a rigorous college-preparatory liberal arts program to prepare our students for success. Through this process students science skills are increased across the curriculum, and extracurricular materials and information are provided to illustrate how students can explore the world around them using everyday tools, models and experiences.
Regardless of whether our students choose to pursue a science based career, the technology, problem-solving and research skills honed here will serve them well in any university and in any profession they may enter. We feel confident you and your child will find what we have to offer here at Harris Academy invaluable to their education.