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Bolner's Meat Market

Quality Since 1914″


Bolner’s Meat Market is a 4th generation family owned and operated meat market. Looking for a personal butcher. We cut it the way you like it. We carry USDA Choice and Prime beef, Heartbrand Akaushi beef, Veal, Lamb, Rabbit, Cabrito, Whole Pigs, Deli Meats and Cheese.
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Established in 1914.

The Bolner Family has been proud to be part of the San Antonio business community for over 4 generations.  Joe Bolner and his wife, Mary Eccell, immigrated with their parents to the province of Vera Cruz, Mexico. Grandpa Joe Bolner opened a small grocery store close to the center of San Antonio to sell produce from his farm.  As the venture was successful, he bought the property where Bolner’s is today and opened a store with his oldest son Frank Bolner in 1909.  In a few short years, Joe moved the old wooden building to make it a warehouse for his new store as it exists today.

Today, the Bolner Family has carved out a specialty niche.  First as grocers, then as artistic butchers, supplying some of the city’s oldest families and restaurants with USDA Choice, Prime and Akaushi beef, including ribeyes, fajitas, Bobby Bolner sausage, diablos, veal, lamb, cabrito and hamburgers required for true Texas entertaining.

Hours Open:
8:30am - 6:00pm
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